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As a first time model your earning range will be between $100- $1000 per day. With our additional support and coaching you will learn to interact with your viewers and develop a huge following faster making that figure double and even triple guaranteed! The cam modeling industry is one of the fastest growing online business segments because of its focus on unique one on one user experience. The webcam business has also proven to be mostly recession proof, and not very price sensitive. For these reasons, becoming a webcam model could offer you a very stable and lucrative career with the flexibility of working for yourself. Are you Ready?

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Your Privacy and Safety

Our primary concern is the safety of our models! An important safety benefit of working as a camgirl is that you are in the privacy of your own home, and your customers will not know your personal information such as your real name or where you live. Customers are not allowed to ask models for personal information, and models are not allowed to release it for their own safety. For additional privacy protection, we send all model payments and tax forms from an anonymous company name not connected to webcam modeling. Working with us also means you get to work any hours you choose from the comfort and safety of your own home .

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