Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely not! Though previous experience always helps, if you’re confident, have a great personality, and money-motivated, then it should be easy for you. Also we will provide assistance to help you maximize your earnings.
Of course not. There is NO set up cost, joining fees or anything like that. In fact YOU will make money:)
Yes. Nobody has access to your personal information: name, address….is totally secured internally.
We pay EACH WEEK as long as you meet your minimum payout. You may choose your preferred method of payment: wire, check, FedEx or Payoneer.

Your earning potential depends on a lot of things but mostly you. Obviously the more you work, the more you will make. Realistically you could expect to make anywhere from $500-$2000 per week. Our top models make $2500-$10,000 per week!
Models make between 35% and 80% payout depending on which site and which services they offer.
You can work your webcam modeling job from any location you choose, all you need is a high speed Internet connection, a computer, and a webcam. Being a webcam modeling is a great way to make money working from home.
Yes - working online with your webcam modeling job is totally up to you - just let us know if you need a break or find that the job is not a good fit.
No - we provide all the traffic for you - all you need to do is login and start chatting.
Yes but anyone on cam must first apply individually and have their own approved account.
Yes - Once you get started you'll have your own personal KinaCamModel representative handling your account and assisting you through the signup process and broadcasting.
Absolutely not. Unlike certain sites we do NOT charge any fee. You are getting paid for every minute you bill. No fees…and NO chargebacks!
Realistically no. Members will want to see you and not showing your face will decrease your earning potential. BUT, you can protect your privacy a minimum by blocking customers from your state, your town, your country….Of course this will also decrease your earning potential as you would block yourself from lots of visitors on your page.
Yes - we provide tools within your admin page to block whatever States, or Countries you want to. It can take up to 24 hours for newly added cities take affect and newly removed cities to be unblocked.
YES. To be successful you must be willing to work a regular schedule. You can go online during nonscheduled times as well but to build a fan base you must commit to being online during specific times and stay consistent. This is why all performers should work a minimum of ten hours a week. You can make more money working from home than you ever could possibly imagine if you have a strong work ethic.Fact!!!
No- You choose your minimum payout amount.
Based on our agreement, Models, KinaCamModels and/or any of it's affiliates are all independent contracting parties. Models are not an employee of KinaCamModels and/or any of it's affiliates in any way or for any purpose. As an independent contracting party, Models are responsible to pay all required taxes relating to Model services; etc. KinaCamModels and/or any of it's affiliates will not make any payments for or withhold on behalf of Model any amounts for unemployment benefits; workers compensation; FICA (Social Security and Medicare); any kind of taxes; etc
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